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Pastoral Services

The Pastoral Care Department provides inter-faith chaplaincy services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Chaplains assist by addressing concerns from a spiritual perspective, regardless of a person's faith, and therefore provide a critical part of total patient care.

The chaplains visit the nursing units daily. If you would like to meet with a chaplain, or have a specific question or concern, please let your nurse know.

The Chapel is located on Level A, and is open 24 hours a day.
Catholic mass held daily:
Mon–Fri: 11 AM
Sat: 4 PM
Sun: 11:15 AM

Parish Nurse Program

Caring for Local Parishioners 
The CMC Parish Nurse Program is present in 21 local faith communities in the Greater Manchester area, providing spiritual, physical, psychological and social care to their members and neighbors. Parish nurses provide a variety of health screenings including blood pressure, hearing and weight screenings, as well as wellness education programs and patient advocacy.

The CMC Parish Nurse Program serves people of all ages, and welcomes people of all ethnic and religious affiliations. 

The parish nurse develops or secures support services for parish members and advocates for the needs of the underserved and unserved members of the community. Congregation members also use their talents in health-related programs that promote wellness as a vital part of the church’s healing ministry.

Upcoming events:
Parish Locations, Hours & Calendar of Events—Sep 2017
Alzheimer's Support—free—4th Wed of each month
Free Flu Clinics—fall 2017
Medication Review—Oct 18
Historic Church Tour—Oct 24
Balance Screening—Nov 15

Parish of the Transfiguration—CMC Parish Nurse Main Office
Parish of Transfiguration
107 Alsace Street, Manchester NH 03102 
Mon: 9-1 PM, Tue–Thu, 9-3 PM, Closed Fridays
tel: 603.663.8004