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Patient & Family Advisory Council

Who are we?
In every aspect of all CMC’s initiatives, we first and foremost 
prioritize the perspective of the patients and families we serve. The Patient and Family Advisory Council is a group of committed patients and family members who serve as the VOICE of the patient. 

What do we do?
Working with hospital staff, we are able to provide valuable 
insight, opinions and ideas to help Catholic Medical Center 
consistently deliver an exceptional patient experience while 
improving patient safety and the highest level of clinical 
quality to all patients. We participate in discussion groups 
to identify patient and family needs and concerns, provide 
feedback on current systems and processes in the hospital, 
generate new ideas to improve standard of care and act as 
catalysts and advisors to integrate patient-centered care 
across the organization. 
Why do we do it?
Patients and their families are often the most knowledgeable 
members of the care team and can offer unique perspectives 
and valuable feedback regarding the standard of care they 
receive. Patient advisors represent the views of a diverse
patient group, with members providing insight, which 
represents different genders, ages, incomes, geographic 
locations, information from personal inpatient or outpatient 
experiences and more.
How can YOU be involved?
For additional information about the Patient and Family 
Advisory Council, or to inquire about becoming an 
advisor, please send an email to Karen McLaughlin at or call 603.663.6438. To explore 
other opportunities, please contact the Office of Volunteer 
Pictured in photo:
Front row: (left to right) Sue Machos, Sue Manning, Yvonne Gillen, Robin (Byrd) 
Fallon, Joanne Leach. Back row: David Karam,
Anastasia Luby, Bill Hooley, 
Barbara Pendleton. (Missing from photo: Ron Boisvert, Irene Heimburg, Barbara McGuire and Karen McLaughlin, Chair)

Are you looking for a primary care provider?

Your primary care provider is your partner in good health. Use our online tool, or call our Primary Care Access Line: 603.314.4750, to find a physician to care for you and your family.